Saturday, 13 August 2011


Today we at the CGSF finalized an international business merger that has the potential to hold our company above the receding market. This will hopefully keep shareholders' minds at ease, and allow the company room for expansion into foreign markets.
The merger with "K-Beezy Stuff Inc." is a long term alliance that will not in anyway effect the companies comittment to excellence in all aspects of our performance. It allows us a greather market and increased overhead capital gain, potentially doubling our net worth within the next three years. With the market in turmoil, this merger is the extra push the company needs to move ahead, and become the premiere company in our field.
This all the news that we can release at the moment, once the final details are sorted out they will be sent to the shareholders via concierge.

Paul Redding, Senior Executive of Internal Co-Chair Finances

Friday, 5 August 2011

Well, we've returned from the company vacation and we've been busy since day one of being back so we haven't really been able to make any posts. The new busy streak stems from the United States' debt ceiling being raised, and even though we are based mainly in Canada we have barely been able to do damage control with the DOW dropping by five hundred points and marking a sharp decline in the global stock market.The good news is that our stocks only dropped by around one half of a percent leaving us still up from the other week, however a few possible investors have since renegged on their pledges due to their finances crashing which is understandable no matter how rude it is.The Executives have now decided to cut expenditures for the next few weeks to months in order to make sure the company stays stable.
 Goodnight and may Paulson be with you,