Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Occupy #Occupy Wallstreet

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This was the scene that was in downtown New York, along our Wallstreet branch of the company. Beatniks, and hipsters (people who own a hat) have been vaguely protesting in front of the businesses along wallstreet, including our honest, hard working building, halting much of our business since the 17th.We have had to suspend all work at that branch in caution of the protests turning into a riot and damaging our loyal employees.
Due to this there will be a larger weight on the Washington, Halifax, Vancouver and Montreal branches. These hippies are slowing down our recession recovery, if you care about the people of the CGSF, ad those they help, you will go out with us and potest the protest of wall street, and the loss of work of those who are employed there.

Goodnight, and may Paulson be with you,

Monday, 26 September 2011

We're sorry old friends

In reacent happenings the CGSF's been lacking in any kind of activity. Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry, however don't take your anger out on us. There have been two main contributors to this: Number one the economy, the economy has been dealing a huge blow to our fair company we are no longer able to support our large staff and had to make cutbacks. I'm sorry once again fredrick but we couldn't afford to keep you on staff.

The second main reason that we haven't been posting to our blog is the grand torrent of a mess created by one "Cambert CHarltonburger". WHen he was informed that we need to unfortunately lay off some employees. Now being the Cambert that he is he fired the whole west wing. For the past month and a half we've been dealing with Rehiring all the employees that should not have been fired and giving them compensations for the inconveniences.

Luckily The west wing has been rehired and we can continue working like the well oiled machine that you've come to expect from Canada's greatest. I now hope that for the longterm future we will be able to keep serving you in the best way we can.

Another sign that things are looking up is that our correspondence with K-Beezy stuff Inc. has reached an all time high in profit. After many lengthly business meetings the fine employees of K-Beezy Stuff Inc. have decided they would make a blog as well http://k-beezyincorporated.blogspot.com/ . Let's just hope that They don't turn out to better than us and take you all away. Hahaha... please don't leave me I've got a wife and three kids, sorry sorry I lost my cool there for a second.

But Despite us causing you such grate sorrow I sencerly hope that we'll be able to provide you once again with the Blog you all know and love.

Yours truly Geoffrey Champlain, of the east wing

Saturday, 13 August 2011


Today we at the CGSF finalized an international business merger that has the potential to hold our company above the receding market. This will hopefully keep shareholders' minds at ease, and allow the company room for expansion into foreign markets.
The merger with "K-Beezy Stuff Inc." is a long term alliance that will not in anyway effect the companies comittment to excellence in all aspects of our performance. It allows us a greather market and increased overhead capital gain, potentially doubling our net worth within the next three years. With the market in turmoil, this merger is the extra push the company needs to move ahead, and become the premiere company in our field.
This all the news that we can release at the moment, once the final details are sorted out they will be sent to the shareholders via concierge.

Paul Redding, Senior Executive of Internal Co-Chair Finances

Friday, 5 August 2011

Well, we've returned from the company vacation and we've been busy since day one of being back so we haven't really been able to make any posts. The new busy streak stems from the United States' debt ceiling being raised, and even though we are based mainly in Canada we have barely been able to do damage control with the DOW dropping by five hundred points and marking a sharp decline in the global stock market.The good news is that our stocks only dropped by around one half of a percent leaving us still up from the other week, however a few possible investors have since renegged on their pledges due to their finances crashing which is understandable no matter how rude it is.The Executives have now decided to cut expenditures for the next few weeks to months in order to make sure the company stays stable.
 Goodnight and may Paulson be with you,

Friday, 29 July 2011

Company Vacation

Just making a quick post to let everyone know that the company is going to be having our annual vacation weekend, and there will be no posts until late next week at the least. Before this few posts had been made due to recent funding cuts due to the Cambert incident and it's after math. Hopefully, after the interrim we will be able to begin weekly, or even twice a week posting, let us know in the comment section when you want updates to the company's status. Stocks are up by 2%, and the recent investors meeting went off without a catch, and we've received several more investments, and countless investment promises.
Goodnight, and may Paulson be with you.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

We'd apologies , but we don't make mistakes.

It seems that somene in the company, Who's name shall be docked in pay.
Thought that it would be a good Idea to post his idea of  what he thinks is a good post!
Once again I hve to fix the corporate blasphemy that is Cambert, say?

For decades I have witnesssed the atrocity of Cambert.
Now when we had the corporate (pre office stock holders meeting) good luck party,
I saw this trollop on the corporate super laptop (Main use ordering food and using lasers from space to carve things into planets) I should have done something, say?

However I'm sad to say that I was, otherwise occupied AND THAT IS ALL.
Obviously when this oaf decided to write my super-visors tell me that he did bad and deserves persecution, and who am I to disagree, say?

I am here to inform you all that this profligate has been severely punished.
I hope now that you are satisfied that this creature has met justice, and he will not be speaking again soon, say?

-Yours truly Gregory of Chinatown

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The 3rd semi-bi-formal demi-bi-semi-quadi annual Barbatubacon

Well it's that time of...time once again ladies and gents for the CGSF's semi-di-formal demi-hemi whatacon.. or whaatever we're calling it this year.I suppose it's not really again for any of you readers as we haven't made very many posts as of yet.Recently  I haven't gotten very much spare time to check this blog, make new posts and check partnerblogs, and it seems even when I do get some time it gets drained by checking other blogs religiously or (more often im sad to say to everyone I follow) I get caught up in wikipedia circles or get trapped endlessly clicking for more about new stuff in the worldof science (You know you've all done it ). But I am proud to say that hopefully I'll be able to read more and post more for all you crazy kids out there now that school is overwith.But onwards to the main point of this post (I get easily sidetracked whilst writing,and I apologise) the uh..."investors" meeting.You know those big fancy bashes that are thrown by companies to convince pepe t give them money? This is one of those.This thursday, the executives of the CGSF are throwing a box social complete with refreshments, entertainment, daycare, doorprizes,boardgames, and a"clown".While you probably don't care too much yet, this was mainly a foreshadowing to the post that will be made friday regarding all that went on and all the Hijinks that insued.This wil also be a meeting with the investors to decide the next spending to be approved.
Until next time,
Goodnight and may Paully be with you.
-Cambert Charltonburger